Trinity CineAsia is dedicated to showcasing outstanding Asian cinema to the UK and beyond. We aim to release the best Chinese and Asian films in cinemas simultaneously with their domestic release and on home entertainment and on-demand platforms. Long established as the go-to place for action and martial arts DVDs and Blu-rays, CineAsia hopes to enrich people’s taste in film and satisfy cinephiles with a sincere love letter to Asian cinema.
 Trinity Filmed Entertainment is an all-rights film distributor since 2006, which has released iconic movies over the years such as Denis Villeneuve’s intersectional debut, Academy Award-nominated INCENDIES, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s JACK GOES BOATING, Paolo Sorrentino’s THIS MUST BE THE PLACE (Sean Penn), Ulrich Seidl’s IMPORT/EXPORT, Graham Chapman’s animated biopic A LIAR’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY, and Gaspar Noé’s ENTER THE VOID.
The CineAsia label, acquired by Trinity in 2015, represents the largest catalogue of Chinese films in the UK, including the IP MAN franchise and many films featuring key Asian film luminaries such as Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat.
In recent years, Trinity CineAsia has had great success releasing some of the most prominent Chinese films in cinemas, including THE EIGHT HUNDREDWOLF WARRIOR 2 and THE BATTLE AT LAKE CHANGJIN, which remains the highest-grossing film in China to date.
Over half of China’s top ten highest-grossing domestic box office films have been released under Trinity CineAsia in the UK.
At the start of 2023, to celebrate the lunar new year, their release of THE WANDERING EARTH II became the highest-grossing non-studio Chinese film at the UK box office after 15 years.